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For over 69 years, Citro’s Auto Body has earned a positive reputation as the leading auto body repair specialists in Northern New Jersey. As the automotive industry has evolved, so has Citro’s Auto Body. We make sure all of our technicians maintain industry-recognized certifications and stay up to date on the latest changes from vehicle manufacturers. Our auto body repair shop has continuously provided exceptional automotive service to drivers while handling all of the details. This has helped us remain the premier auto body repair facility in the region.

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Looking for a Dependable Auto Body Shop You Can Count On? Contact Us Now!


Let our I-CAR® Certified Team help you set up a rental car and tow assistance. Our team wants to make your back to your daily routines during the repair process on your vehicle as quickly as possible.

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The Citro’s Auto Body team takes great pride in giving excellent service to our customers ensuring they leave satisfied with the services provided.

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The work was done on time and my car looked great.

- Evelyn B. - 5 Stars

Excellent customer service, Doreen kept us in the loop every step of the way, everyone was so nice to us from scheduling the first appointment to handing the keys back to us once the repairs were finished. Body work is EXCELLENT. My mother’s car was rear ended and the amount of damage to it nearly rendered it totaled.

Got the car back yesterday and you would not be able to tell this car was even in a collision. They are right on the money and make sure that you are 100 percent satisfied, I would say we are 110 percent satisfied! Thank you for making the process absolutely painless. I would recommend in a heartbeat.

- Hikaru A - 5 Stars

Great people to work with and Pro repairs. Car came out perfect!

- Gary H - 5 Stars

Thank you so much for the excellent work on my husband’s Camry. It is so rare these days that someone actually does what they say they are going to do…especially when it’s ASAP! I appreciate the beautiful job you did and that it was done so quickly.

- Preston D. - 5 Stars

Citro’s Auto Body was very prompt, and they did the repair with no problems!

- Parvel T. - 5 Stars

I got into a very bad accident with my truck in 2008. They fixed my truck to perfection! You couldn’t even tell this truck was in an accident. I have never used another auto body since. Well… I have only needed one once after that, but needless to say if I ever need auto body work, this is my place. I cannot comment on price because I didn’t pay much attention to the bill because the person who hit me insurance covered it. You hear plenty of horror stories about auto body shops.

Dear Peter,
Just a note to thank you and your highly professional team and staff for the incredible and excellent job done on our 14 year old car.

- Robert W - 5 Stars

Citro’s from my initial phone call to have my vehicle looked at to the pickup of my fully repaired vehicle was an amazing and painless experience I must say.

Doreen genuinely cared that I had damage to my 2016 vehicle and I didn’t feel as though I was just another job to them. They were very careful not to under estimate the time needed for repairs and had it completed a full day and a half earlier. They did an excellent job as it looks as good as new again!!

Professional, Personable, and High Quality! I would definitely recommend them to friends, family, and anyone looking for an auto body shop.

We recently were involved in a car accident. We have a brand new leased SUV and we were afraid where the insurance company would send us. From the minute I called Citro’s it was a breeze. Great customer service. Everything was done very quickly and professionally. Our car looks better than new. I highly recommend this place to anybody that needs auto body work done. Also everything is well documented, and they take care of everything.

- Bobby D - 5 Stars

Brought in my sad-looking 2002 Honda CRV for a much needed make-over…dings, minor dents, decade and a half of sun baked enamel fading… all work that was meticulously handled by Citro’s Auto Body.

This 15 year old SUV looked absolutely beautiful after being professionally restored by these Restoration Geniuses.

Coupled with this car’s low mileage and new found great looks… once again, she’ll once again look very pristine in our driveway!

Great job and Thank-you very much guys!!

- Ken J - 5 Stars

“Just a note to thank you and your highly professional team and staff for the incredible and excellent job done on our 14 year old car. Please accept our humble gift as a way of saying again, Thank You..”

- Nancym - 5 Stars


745 Hamburg Turnpike, Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442  |  973.835.1451


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